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Are you tired of dentures that are loose?  Are you sick of constantly having to use denture glue? Have you thought about implants for dentures?

Wouldn’t it me nice to be able to toss that denture glue? Have you heard of denture implants or Implants for dentures? It’s exactly what you need if you are tired of messy dentures. It’s time to explore implants for dentures. Popular denture implants are the mini implants dental option.

Are you frustrated with not being able to eat properly because of loose dentures? Are you tired of worrying that your dentures will fall out when you laugh? It’s time for denture implants.

If you are tired of the grief of dentures it’s time to look at denture implants, implants for dentures like mini implant dentures, it’s time to talk with John McAllister DDS Inc. one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the industry, who can make sure you get the right denture implants. The mini implant dentures are the most popular and affordable choice in denture implants.

Are your gums tired of holding improper fitting dentures in place? Do you find yourself with open sores that are painful? It’s time to consider denture implants.

Are you tired of having to have your dentures relined, just so they fit properly for a short period, and then it’s back to the same problem again. It’s time to end your frustration with mini implant dentures.

Don’t Despair! Denture Implants can help!

It’s time to lose your frustration and find a new and improved way to eat, talk, laugh, and smile with denture implants. It’s time to examine what implants for dentures can do for you, and how you can make implants for dentures fit your budget. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you discover that mini implant dentures are will fit most budgets.

What are mini implant dentures?

Mini implants are used to lock your dentures in place. Mini implant dentures cost significantly less than traditional denture implants offering a more cost effective alternative. Mini implant dentures are also less invasive than your traditional denture implants.

When you choose the mini implants for dentures it will significantly improve the quality of wearing your dentures.  

At John McAllister DDS Inc. dental office, we can take your existing dentures and adapt them to work with your new mini implants for dentures. Then we will make you another free denture when the mini implant is placed. Call us today to find out more information on mini implant dentures. Call (562) 869-0928 to find out more about mini implants dental care.


At the office of John McAllister DDS Inc. we will adapt your existing denture to your new mini implants and make another Denture for free when you have the mini implants placed.

Call us for more information (562) 869-0928

Metal posts will be placed into your bone with mini implants. The top of your post will snap into your denture, which makes your dentures stay securely in place. Mini implant dentures are an affordable way to get comfort from your dentures.

If you think that mini implants for dentures might be right for you, why not come into the dental office of John McAllister DDS Inc. For a complimentary consultation to see if mini implants dentures are right for you.

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John McAllister DDS Inc. and his team are committed to ensure every patient receives exceptional care and attention. We are doctor owned and operated and very proud of our dedicated staff, and how our team works together to ensure you receive the most comprehensive and highest quality care. We care about your needs and understand that deciding whether to get mini implants is a big decision.

John McAllister DDS is a compassionate and understanding dentist that takes goes beyond to ensure his patients are happy with their mini implants for dentures. John McAllister DDS is focused on the needs of his patients and how implants for dentures can benefit them.

John McAllister DDS Inc. is conveniently located in Downey Ca. Call for a same-day appointment (based on availability) and find out whether mini implants are right for you. Implants for dentures change the way we think about dentures. When implants for dentures are utilized, patients have a new lease on smiling, laughing, and feeling comfortable with the teeth they have.

John McAllister DDS Inc. Dental Office accepts most major insurance plans for denture implants. Many plans cover implants for dentures. John McAllister DDS INc. is conveniently located in Downey Ca. We accept same-day appointments (based on availability).

Our Dental Office accepts most major insurance plans.

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